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California Spinal Chord Injury LawyerSpinal cord injuries are some of the most damaging and burdensome injuries a person can experience. As one of the most important parts of the human body, the spinal cord carries vital information to and from the brain and into the rest of the body. Despite our protective spine, serious damage can be inflicted upon the spinal cord, which can create life altering and irreversible harm. Statistically, men are much more at risk of suffer a spinal cord injury than women, as more than 80% of all recorded spinal cord injuries were from males.

A spinal cord injury is considered any injury inflicted on the spinal cord through trauma, rather than disease. This trauma can come from excessive rotation, lateral bending, axial loading, dislocation, hyperflexion, or hyperextension, and can come from any number of circumstances. The most common of which are automobile accidents, falls, sporting accidents, and acts of violence like shootings or stabbings, where your back is susceptible to harm. There are varying levels of classifying these injuries, from “incomplete”, where damage is minimal and body function remains, to “complete”, where a total loss of body function results.

Spinal Cord Injuries Are Very Serious

Treating a spinal cord injury can be a long and painful process. Depending on the level of severity, rehabilitation to regain normal bodily function can take years. The goal is to restore and maintain important bodily motions. The most important step in the recovery process revolves around things like preventing indirect complications, like pressure sores that can lead to even more damage, maintaining a full range of motion in arms and legs, and keeping available muscular activity. Even in cases of minor damage, the road to recovery can be lengthy, and extremely expensive. In the event of a complete injury, hospital visits and rehabilitation will become a common occurrence for the rest of your life.

If you have been in an accident and suffered a spinal cord injury, help may be available to you. Depending on the circumstances of your accident, you may be entitled to receiving compensation from those responsible for your injury. The costs associated with the treatment of injuries like these are extremely high. Even in the event of an incomplete spinal cord injury, you could be looking at medical bills totaling into the thousands of dollars, made all the worse when combined with the time away from work. It is rare for anyone to possess the kind of resources to cover these expenses on their own. Help is needed, and through the legal assistance of a spinal cord injury lawyer, that help can be provided.

Contact An Experience Attorney For A Consultation

An qualified spinal cord injury lawyer will know the ins and outs of the legal process, and will be able to get you the full level of compensation you are rightfully owed. If you attempt to tackle a legal claim on your own, it is easy to sell yourself short on what you can receive. Determining the proper level of compensation in a spinal cord injury case is difficult. There are a number of possible factors that go into the final tally, beyond medical expenses. Anything from lost wages, future earning potential, and pain and suffering can factor into what is owed to you, and a well-trained lawyer will be sure to include it all.

It is important to seek out a lawyer with specific experience in spinal cord injury situations. These cases can be complex and difficult to navigate, and the right lawyer will give you the best chance for success. Your spinal cord injury lawyer will gather all of the available evidence, search out potential witness testimonies, and assembly a compelling case that will accurately represent your concerns. In the wake of an accident that leaves you with a painful spinal cord injury, one of the first steps you should take is finding legal aid. Your lawyer will not be able to cure your injury, but work can be done to give you the best chance to recover and prepare for the days ahead.

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