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Dara Khajavi, known as “The General” amongst his peers, has been fighting injustice his entire life. During his early childhood Mr. Khajavi and his family were among the first hundred thousand refugees who fled the Iranian Revolution, a conflict to overthrow the reigning Shah of Iran, to relocate the United States. Ever since the 5th grade Mr. Khajavi wanted to study law in an effort to help people just like him; subjected to mistreatments from a legal system that was entirely unfair when unknown. During his freshman year of college at University of California Riverside, The General’s best friend and college roommate was tragically killed in an automobile accident at the hands of a drunk driver. Already knowing that he wanted to enter the field of law, it wasn’t until the tragic passing of his best friend that Mr. Khajavi heard a calling to punish those who cause innocent people catastrophic injuries or death. After completion of his undergraduate studies at University of California Riverside, Mr. Khajavi attended Western State College of Law in Fullerton, California where he received his Juris Doctorate. After being admitted to the California State Bar, The General began his war with injustice resulting in many successful battles along the way.

The General has fought many battles including one that involved a 75-year old woman who was struck by an automobile while she was outside of the crosswalk. Her case had been dropped by 3 other law firms including a major law firm who found her 100% at fault for the accident according to a police report. Instead of accepting those results, The General decided to fight on and was able to achieve a settlement of $1,450,000 for the victim. The elderly woman was able to purchase a beautiful single level home that made her dream come true. Where other firms run, Mr. Khajavi accepts the challenge and battles on against such injustices as adverse police reports.

Another battle fought by The General involved a case that had an initial offer of $1,000,000.00 (all the insurance available from the negligent driver) involving an independent contractor whose semi-truck rear ended his client. Instead of taking the offer, The General thought outside the box and looked for another avenue to get his client more than what was being offered. Spending time and money, The General was able to argue negligent screening of an independent contractor driver against the company who had hired him. The General was able to get $2,250,000 million for his relentless efforts.

The General has a tender side not just for people but for all creatures big and small. An avid animal lover, he once pawned a priceless family heirloom given to him by his father rendering him penniless in school in order to pay for his dog that had fallen gravely ill. The surgery was a success and his beloved dog, Mr. Bo, has been his best friend for 18years. The General is also an accomplished musician who is fond of the classic masters such as Mozart, Handel, and Bach. A lover of tennis and a boxing enthusiast, The General takes any opportunity he can to knock out some friendly competition. A loving father of a precious little girl he takes pride in coming home to see her each and every day.

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  • Get you the best medical care and get your medical bills paid.
  • Get your lost income and wages.
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When tragedy strikes, we have the experience to help you deal with the aftermath.

Battles Won!


Resolution for a jaywalking pedestrian struck by a negligent motorist.*


For a minor injured in a Semi truck accident*


On a disputed liability Big Rig Accident*


Offer for injured unemployed client rear-ended by a semi-truck. Case was denied pre-litigation.*


Offer for a wrongful death of infant semi-truck rear ender*


For an injured contractor, after a roll of carpet fell on, and fractured his ankle.*