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California Air Plane Accident LawyerThe airplane is one of the fastest and most capable modes of transportation in the world today. Distant continents and islands that once took months to reach by sea can now be reached in mere hours. Unfortunately, there is also a real threat of danger in flying a several thousand ton metal tube with wings through the sky. Crashes resulting in serious injury and death can happen, despite the wealth of safety equipment and technology installed on today’s aircraft. When compared to automobile, boat, or other motor vehicle accidents, plane crashes quite rare, though they do still occur.

A Plane Accident Can Occur At Any Moment

Plane accident can happen at any point during a flight, though most take place during the complicated takeoff and landing process. 20% of all fatal plane crashes take place during takeoff or the initial climbing phase, and 35% occur during the final approach and landing sequence. Far fewer accidents, about 8%, happen when the plane is in midflight and at cruising altitude. Regardless of their position in the sky, in the event of an accident, serious injury and death are a frequent and expected result. The chances of walking away from an airplane crash are slim.

The most common cause of airplane accidents is pilot error. Such errors can come in different forms, but fault can point back to an erroneous decision by the pilot in about half of all crashes. The next most common cause is a mechanical failure from the plane itself. Faulty components can be linked to as many as one fifth of all crashes. Other factors, though much more rare, include weather, sabotage, bird strike, cabin fire, lack of fuel, hijacking, or human error from a non-pilot in the plane or on the ground at an air traffic control tower.

Seek Legal Council Right Away

If you or someone you know has been injured in an airplane accident, you should seek legal assistance right away. If you find yourself struggling to make ends meet with the costly medical expenses brought upon you because of your injury, you may be entitled to receive compensation from those responsible in your accident. Victims seriously injured in situations like this rarely possess the kind of financial flexibility to both miss work and afford medical bills for the treatment of their injuries. Through the help of a qualified airplane accident lawyer, however, you can make your way to recovery.

It can be difficult to both assign liability and calculate compensation in an airplane accident, and attempting to do so without legal aid will leave you missing out on the maximum level of compensation that you are rightfully owed. Bringing a case against a major corporation like an airline can be a complicated battle, one where they are looking to keep you from getting what is yours. An experienced and well-trained airplane accident lawyer will confidently fight for you, and will not be bullied by these large organizations.

To give yourself a fighting chance in such a battle, it is essential to move quickly. In the wake of an airplane accident, one of the first steps you should take is seeking out legal counsel to determine what moves you can take and what you are owed. By acting quickly, your lawyer will be able to gather the necessary physical evidence and create a case that gives you the best chance. By delaying action, you are hurting the credibility of your case, and run the risk of losing evidence that could be a key to your success. You will also be forced to shoulder the financial burden on your own for a much greater period of time. The best course of action is to move quickly. The painful after effects of your accident are not reversible, though through the help of an airplane accident lawyer, you can recover and move on to the future.

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